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Need an Ophthalmologist near me, an experienced eye specialist near me?

At the Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute, a tri-county eye clinic and eye care center, our premier ophthalmologists and eye specialists will provide you with full service diagnostic, medical, and surgical eye care as needed. Our highly experienced physicians and eye surgeons not only specialize in comprehensive ophthalmology, corrective eye surgery, and the full range of ophthalmologist services, but have advanced fellowship training in retina (vitreous), cornea (and external diseases), cataract surgery, and oculoplastics (cosmetic eyelid surgery).

Eye Clinic Near You: FLEI Medical Eye Center Location

Our South Florida Eye Institute and ophthalmology clinic is centrally located in Broward County within the Royal Palm complex on Pine Island Road, just north of Peters Road (which is ½ mile north of I-595). Make an eye center appointment today and let our ophthalmologists help you start seeing clearer. Read More…

Finding the Best Ophthalmologist

Making an appointment to see an ophthalmologist can be a positive decision when you are selective with your choice for an ophthalmologist and choose only the best. Carefully choosing your ophthalmologist will provide you with the most confidence, which is important when they will be looking at and potentially treating or performing surgery on your eyes. Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute is composed of qualified, professional eye specialists with experience to match their medical education.

Trusted Ophthalmologist Surgeons & Qualified Staff

At Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute, you meet with only the most qualified doctors and professional personnel. You can depend on the quality of care you will receive from the ophthalmologist surgeons and eye specialists at Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute.

What Can A Retinal Ophthalmologist Do For Me?

If you are in search of a specific type of ophthalmologist, such as a retinal ophthalmologist, then Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute is the right eye care facility for you. With an educational background on specific eye diseases and retinal surgery, retinal ophthalmologists are experts in their field. If you have a retinal detachment, retinal vein occlusion, retinal disease, or retinal tear, then a retinal ophthalmologist is the type of eye care specialist you need. You can find the best retinal ophthalmologists at Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute because the team of eye care specialists has an extensive background in the field.

Best Ophthalmologist Near Me

While making your appointment with an ophthalmologist should be a careful decision, choosing the best ophthalmologist is also an important one. Choosing the best ophthalmologist will provide you with the confidence you need to discuss your eye conditions and the best course of action to take. The eye care specialists at Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute are the best ophthalmologists in South Florida. With an impressive background in medical education, each eye doctor and eye care specialist has their own strengths to support you as a patient best.

Eye Clinic Near Me

Just as choosing the right ophthalmologist for you is important, it’s also critical to select the right eye clinic near you. At Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute, you can trust that you are setting your sight on the right location. All ophthalmologists are professional and educated in their area of expertise, so you get the provided care and treatment you need for optimal eye health.

Eye Institute Near Me

Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute is one of the best eye care centers because the doctors have been caring for patients for over 45 years. Since the beginning, there has always been a great care towards all patients. Along with great care for all ophthalmology patients, Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute has an exceptional staff with eight professionals holding their board certifications in ophthalmology and one professional in optometry.

Eye Hospital Near Me

When you need to go to an eye hospital, you should choose the absolute best. Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute can handle any eye condition because of all professionals having the right, pertinent credentials for eye care.

Eye Specialist Near Me

Eye health is important because sight is a main and valuable sense. If you ever find yourself in need of a professional eye specialist near you to take care of an eye condition, then you need to go to the absolute best. You shouldn’t turn to just any eye doctor for diagnosis and treatment. When it comes to your eyes needing proper care from a qualified eye specialist, you need to choose the greatest in the field. At Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute, you will receive the critical eye care you need from a qualified eye specialist.

Cornea Specialist Near Me

If you need a particular eye care specialist like a cornea specialist near you, then it can be best to find that specific type of ophthalmologist to best treat you. A cornea specialist will best be able to handle conditions like a corneal laceration, corneal abrasion, corneal erosion, corneal dystrophy, and corneal transplant. Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute has leading professional eye care specialists who have background with all different types of eye problems. The cornea specialists at Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute are dedicated and well-educated in their area of expertise.

Eye Surgeons Near Me

While there are a number of eye surgeons that may be near you, only a select number may be considered the best. At Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute, all eye surgeons are equipped with the knowledge necessary for eye care and surgical procedure.

Oculoplastic Surgeon Near Me

When you need oculoplastic surgery, it can be best to turn to an eye doctor that will know how to handle the specific procedures involving the eye socket, eyelids, tear ducts, and nearby areas of the face. Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute has qualified oculoplastic surgeons that can help you get the best possible results.

Fort Lauderdale Eye Doctor & Associates

If you are looking for the right eye doctor and eye care specialists in Fort Lauderdale, then it is important to find a qualified and experienced ophthalmologist in the area. At Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute, our team of eye care specialists each have an extensive background in the field of ophthalmology and optometry.

Ophthalmologist in Fort Lauderdale

When you need a qualified, exceptional ophthalmologist, you can trust in the eye care specialists at Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute. With eight Board Certified ophthalmologists on the eye specialist team, you get the care and treatment you need for the best eye health.

Eye Surgery in Fort Lauderdale

If you have troublesome eyes, it can be best to make an appointment to meet with an ophthalmologist before the issue worsens. If your last option is eye surgery, then you certainly want to make sure that you are in the hands of a trusted eye surgeon. Out of all eye care centers in South Florida, Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute is composed of a well-educated, professional, and qualified staff. Any eye surgery that needs to be performed should be done by a professional at Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute.

Cataract Surgery in Ft Lauderdale, FL

Do you need cataract surgery in Fort Lauderdale? Going to a trusted, properly trained eye surgeon is critical when you need cataract surgery. Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute has the qualified ophthalmologists you need and have performed a number of cataract surgeries. When you need cataract surgery, you truly can rest assured that you are in good hands at Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute.

Glaucoma Doctor in Fort Lauderdale

When you have glaucoma, it’s best to go to a specialist, such as a glaucoma doctor. With an extensive knowledge on glaucoma, the eye care professionals at Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute are prepared to assist you with all glaucoma care and treatment options.

Oculoplastic Surgeon in Fort Lauderdale

If you need a specific eye surgery like oculoplastic surgery, you should look into specialists. At Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute, our team is composed of professionals who have experience as an oculoplastic surgeon. For over 45 years, Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute has been treating patients.

Eye Surgeon in Fort Lauderdale

Eye surgery should never be taken lightly. If you require a specific eye surgery, then it’s best that you seek out a skilled and qualified eye surgeon to perform your eye surgery best. Some of the greatest eye surgeons can be found at Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute. Let one of the eye care specialists provide you with the high quality care you deserve.

Premier Eye Institute

Established for over 45 years, we are a comprehensive ophthalmic practice comprised of 8 board-certified Ophthalmologists, and a certified Optometrist

Eyelid Procedures

Eyelid Procedures

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery and cosmetic eye procedures are one of the most common forms of cosmetic surgery performed.

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Retinal Diseases

Retinal Diseases

Retina Specialist

A retina specialist diagnoses and treats those potentially sight threatening conditions, diseases, and irregularities that affect the retina and the vitreous.

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cataract lens implants

Cataracts & Lens Implants

Cataract Surgery

We offer advanced technology cataract surgery and lens procedures; and FLEI is a world leader in this valuable field.

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Eye Diseases

Eye Diseases

Glaucoma Surgery and Aging Eyes

According to the National Eye Institute, the leading causes of vision impairment and blindness in the U.S. are primarily age-related eye diseases like Glaucoma.

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Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Important Clinical Trial Information

Clinical trials offer cutting edge treatment otherwise not available. An patient may benefit from participating when there are not other available treatments.

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