Established over 40 years ago, Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute is a highly respected and leading Ophthalmology practice. We provide comprehensive eye care to patients from South Florida, Southeastern United States, and the Caribbean.

Our ophthalmic care center is comprised of nine board–certified Ophthalmologists, and a certified Optometrist who provide the latest in modern eye care medical technology and advanced surgical techniques.

Our physicians are leading practitioners who have pioneered new procedures and have taught others. The various clinical studies they have conducted, as well as the papers and articles they have contributed to various medical journals, represents an impressive collection of research and medical scholarship.

We offer a range of services for diagnosing, treating, and correcting eye and retinal diseases, and perform the latest procedures in vision correction, cosmetic eyelid, plastic, and reconstructive eye surgery.

With more than 50 employees and 20 fully equipped exam rooms, we are able to provide expanded office hours for your convenience. An Ophthalmologist is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case you have an emergency.

We welcome new patients who come to us directly as well as those who have been referred to us by other eye care professionals. We are also available for second opinions and ophthalmic medical consultation. We accept health insurance from many providers of managed care plans as well as Medicare and Medicaid.

Preserving or improving your vision is an important decision — one that will contribute to your quality of life and independence. Choosing the right physician is one of the most important medical decisions you can make. You can be confident the physicians and staff of Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute offer the finest Ophthalmologic care possible. We look forward to providing you with comprehensive ophthalmic care.