Drinking alcohol excessively can not only have harmful effects in the body but also on the eyes. One of the effects of heavy drinking of alcohol is blurry vision which can be due to brain function being impaired or poor eye muscle coordination.  Double vision or diplopia can also result from the eye muscles not working well together when too much alcohol is consumed.

The speed of constriction and dilation of the pupils can be slowed by alcohol consumption.  When this occurs it can impair your reaction to headlights or streetlights.

Peripheral vision can be restricted while drinking alcohol.  This can lead to poor judgement while driving. You may experience a “tunnel vision” effect.

If long term alcohol consumption continues you can develop optic neuropathy or alcohol amblyopia. A persons best corrected vision may be permanently decreased.

While light consumption of alcohol may not have any effects on your vision, heavier alcohol usage can have numerous detrimental effects to ones health and safety.