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10 Vision Myths

I’m sure you have heard the vision myths while you were growing up. Your mom telling you “you’ll hurt your eyes if you sit too close to the tv” or my favorite “eat your carrots for better vision”. Well, I think it’s time to get to the bottom of all these vision myths and get some vision facts once and for all!

Myth: If you sit too close to the tv you’ll hurt your eyes.
Fact: The truth is if you need to sit close to the tv to clearly see what is going on you may already have vision problems. Sitting close to any object to see it better is a symptom of nearsightedness and you should talk with your doctor. However, there is no scientific proof that sitting to close to a tv will cause any damage to your […]

Give the gift of sight

This holiday season why not give that special someone the gift of sight? If you schedule your Lasik procedure on a Wednesday you will receive a $400.00 discount.   Call today and schedule your complimentary consultation or schedule your appointment online.

Eye Fatigue

You may be experiencing Eye Fatigue. Recently one of my staff members asked why after several hours working on the computer her eyes felt tired, tearing and burning. There are several reasons including having the computer screen to close, glare from the screen or perhaps the climate.

Ask the Ophthalmologist: Mature Cataract

I recently moved to Florida and my doctor up north said my cataract was not mature yet. How long does usually take and when should I see a doctor again?

Jane Iredale – The Skin Care Makeup

Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute is very excited to be offering Jane Iredale skin care makeup. Jane Iredale skin care products have been featured in many of the top magazines in the country such as Allure, InStyle, Good Housekeeping and many more.

Dr Bizer Talks to Time Magazine about UV Protection

From time to time, our doctors are contacted by the media and interviewed for various reports or news stories. Recently, our own Dr. Wayne Bizer was contacted by Time Magazine and interviewed for an article.

Farsightedness or Hyperopia

Farsightedness or hyperopia means objects are seen clearly far away but are blurry close up. You may be farsighted if you...