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Make Your Workplace Safer with These Safety Tips

FLEI acknowledges Workplace Eye Health and Safety Month
Why you should be concerned about Eye Health and Safety
According to the CDC, about 2,000 workers experience job-related eye injuries each day that require medical treatment.  Some of these injuries may include: small particles or objects such as wood chips, cement chips or metal slivers and other small items that are ejected by tools, are windblown, or that fall from above.  These injuries can and often do result in abrasions, irritations and in some cases may even lead to permanent loss of vision.  Chemical burns are another type of injury that may occur if cleaning products or industrial chemicals are accidentally splashed into one’s eyes.

Health care workers, janitorial workers, lab staff and even animal handlers are subject to infectious diseases acquired through ocular exposure.  A simple cough, sneeze, or contaminated fingers from […]

January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month

Glaucoma awareness is important because of its harmful effects should this disease go undetected.  If someone were going to design a disease to cause as much harm as possible, they would be wise to study glaucoma as a model.  They would want a disease that mimics glaucoma in that it is painless, slowly progressive and the damage it causes cannot be reversed. People with advanced glaucoma often have no idea that there is anything wrong with their vision until the tunnel of remaining sight is so small that they no longer function.

In open angle glaucoma, the buildup of pressure inside of the eye increases above the safe range so slowly that the body is unable to detect the change.  Slowly the damage to the optic nerve inside the eye progresses.  First, the side vision goes, producing tunnel vision.  Later […]