The doctors here at the Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute have had the privilege of offering our patients with the most advanced surgical techniques to preserve vision especially in the realm of cataract surgery.

With advancements in minimal no stitch incisions advanced technology IOL’s, Multifocal IOL’s, Toric IOL’s the doctors at the Ft.Lauderdale Eye Institute are on the forefront of all these technological innovations.

Patients using the Multi-focal IOL’s have correction for both distance and near vision.  The need for glasses after surgery has been greatly reduced with the use of this implant type.

Toric IOL’s treat patients astigmatism without having to make more incisions on the cornea and have decreases the need for glasses after surgery as well.

Recovery time has been reduced with patients seeing tremendous improvements by the next day with the use of topical anesthesia and clear corneal incisions which reduced bleeding issues during surgery.

The Doctors at Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute are leading the way with cataract surgery.