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Educational articles about issues surrounding eye injuries and eye injury Treatment from the doctors of Ophthalmology at Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute.

Macular Pucker

What is a macular pucker?

A macular pucker is a type of scar tissue that forms on the macula and can cause distortion or blurry central vision.

What is the macula?

The majority of the interior of an eye is filled with a vitreous substance that helps maintain the shape. The macula is located in the center of the retina and is responsible for seeing fine details.

How does macular pucker form?

The primary cause of a macular pucker is age.

As we age, the vitreous substance pulls away from the retina, which is usually harmless to the surface of the retina.

This pulling away can spark a healing process in which the retina tries to heal the damage, sometimes forming scar tissue over the damaged area on the surface of the retina. This scar tissue is referred to as an epiretinal membrane, and is firmly attached. […]

Beware of Popping Champagne Corks

When you pop the cork on a bottle of Champagne, it flies off at more than 50 miles per hour!  If you, or someone standing near you gets hit in the eye, it can result in a devastating injury.  Take the following steps to avoid this fairly common injury:

Chill the bottle to at least 45 degrees F before opening. The cork of a warm bottle is more likely to pop unexpectedly.
Do not shake the bottle. Shaking increases the speed at which the cork leaves the bottle.
When opening the bottle, hold down the cork with the palm of your hand while removing the wire hood.
Point the bottle at a 45-degree angle away from yourself and any bystanders.
Place a towel over the top and the bottle and grasp the cork.
Firmly twist the bottle while holding the cork to break the seal. […]