The best course of action if you are experiencing eye problems is to have a checkup. Some eye problems are minor but some can lead to a permanent loss of vision if not detected early and treated. Common eye problems such as cataracts and glaucoma can be diagnosed through a comprehensive eye examination.

Cataracts – a clouding of the eye’s lens that diminishes the transmission of light which causes a person to have dimmed or blurry vision. The blurring gradually increases over months or years.

  • Diagnosed through a dilated-pupil examination and can be treated by changes in eyeglass prescription for mild cataracts or surgery if reading or driving becomes severely impaired.

Glaucoma – refers to a collection of diseases that cause damage to the optic nerve when fluids and pressure build up in the eye. The increased pressure can cause poor night vision, blind spots and lead to vision loss and ultimately blindness if left untreated.

  • Treatment includes medication such as prescription eye drops to lower eye pressure, laser surgery, and conventional surgery.

The importance of a yearly eye exam is essential to our eye care health as we age. Cataracts are predominant in people over 60 and the risk of glaucoma typically increases after we turn 40.