Eyelid bumps are a good reason to take a trip to the eye doctor.  Bumps can be differentiated by their color , presence of pain, or location of the bump itself.  They may cause irritation in addition to look unsightly. Causes vary and need to be seen to be properly diagnosed and treated.

Eyelids can be affected by numerous infections or disorders that will lead to lid swelling or bumps.  More common examples of eyelid bumps include styes, chalazia, cysts, warts, moles and other numerous causes.

Styes are an acute painful infection of the oil glands of the eyelid. Bacteria from our skin along the lid margin can cause an infection that looks like a pimple on the eyelid. Chalazia are bumps on the eyelid that are more of an inflammation in the glands along the eyelid. They tend to be less painful, but still can be warm and tender to the touch.  The drainage of the glands is blocked so the glands increase in size. Cyst can also form along the lid.  They are typically painless and the same color of the eyelid itself.

If an eyelid bump has changes in color, size or has a lack of eyelashes in the area, this can be indicative of skin cancer of the eyelids.

Some eyelid bumps respond to antibiotic drops and supportive therapies, but some may need to be injected, biopsied,or removed surgically.

The eye doctors at the Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute will determine the cause and proper treatment of the various types of eyelid bumps.