Glaucoma is the leading cause of non-correctable blindness is the world. It is 50% more common than macular degeneration.

95% of glaucoma is called: “chronic, open angle glaucoma”.  The disease is caused by elevated pressure in the eye.  It is treated by daily eye drops, laser or surgery depending on the severity of the individual case.  It is a chronic disease for which there is no known cure.  The most important thing for patients to know is that:

There are no symptoms of glaucoma until very late in the disease.

Damage to the optic nerve caused by glaucoma affects the peripheral vision, and reading vision is usually normal.

Glaucoma is usually discovered during a routine visit to an eye care professional.

These doctors are all aware of the importance of checking the eye pressure on nearly all visits.

Glaucoma is more common in the elderly population.  There is often a family history of the disease.

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