We are excited to announce that the most advanced technology in laser assisted cataract surgery has been available at the Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute since early 2014.

Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery     Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery


Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery

Drs. Skolnick and Fernandez de Castro are highly skilled cataract surgeons who are experienced in performing laser assisted cataract surgery using both the Abbott CATALYS® Precision Laser System and Alcon LenSx® platform. We, as part of a group of local cataract surgeons, spent over six months researching the four different FDA approved femtosecond laser platforms available and purchased the first privately owned CATALYS® system in South Florida and now other centers in Florida have followed suit.
These systems offer…

  • Precise imaging of the anterior segment of the eye
  • The ability to perform a perfect capsulotomy or opening in the lens
  • Gentle fragmentation or softening of the lens
  • Astigmatic laser incisions
  • The ability to create the corneal incisions for the cataract procedure

The laser assisted cataract surgery procedure takes minutes to perform prior to the cataract operation and is painless. Patient acceptance and satisfaction has been extremely high despite the fact that insurance does not cover additional costs so patients must pay out of pocket.

Watch a short video demonstrating this amazing technology: