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There are many treatments for diabetic retinopathy. Prevention is an important part of treating this condition. You can take steps to preserve your vision by closely monitoring and controlling your blood sugar and blood pressure. Follow your eye care professional’s instructions, and come in for regular eye exams.

Individuals with diabetic retinopathy may benefit from laser surgery. This approach controls and shrinks leaking blood vessels, and prevents the growth of new blood vessels. While laser treatment does not cure diabetic retinopathy, it can slow or halt the progression of the disease.

The vitreous can also become clouded with blood, and a surgeon may need the clouded vitreous and replace it with a clear saline solution. Some patients are unresponsive to conventional laser treatments. In these cases, special injections may help to decrease the progression of diabetic retinopathy.

While there is no cure, diabetic retinopathy does not have to lead to serious vison problems. Control your blood sugar, watch your weight, exercise, and address other medical conditions. Because of improved methods of diagnosis and treatment, you can preserve your sight.