Cataract Lens Implants Videos

A cataract lens implant is used to replace your clouded lens with a clear artificial lens during cataract surgery. There are different types of cataract lens implants including premium intraocular lenses, multi-focal and monofocal IOL’s. Premium intraocular lens implants include aspheric lens implants, Toric lens implants, accommodating IOL’s and other types of IOL’s.

Watch the videos below to learn more about these and other cataract lens implants.

IOL: Multifocal Lens – Overview


A special type of lens implant, called a multifocal lens, simultaneously provides both near and far focus and can greatly reduce your dependence on reading glasses after cataract surgery.

IOL: Multifocal – Introduction


New multifocal IOLs are now available which can reduce the need for reading glasses after cataract, or lens replacement surgery.

IOL: Toric Lens – Overview


Astigmatism correction can also be incorporated into the artificial lens that is implanted at the time of cataract surgery.

IOL: Toric Lens – Introduction


Special IOLs, called Toric IOLs, can reduce or eliminate the need for low vision correction after cataract surgery.