Dry Eye Videos

When your tears can no longer adequately moisture your eyes, a condition called “Dry Eye” develops. Dry eye affects the three-layered tear film that covers the eye and is a chronic condition where both eyes are typically affected.

Blurry vision, irritation from smoke or wind, a stinging or burning sensation, difficulty wearing contact lenses, and stringy mucus around the eye are a few of the symptoms of dry eye.

Watch the videos below to learn more about dry eye.

Dry Eye Testing – Tear Breakup Time

One test for dry eye is known as the "Tear Breakup Time" test. The Tear Breakup Time test can provide an important measurement of how well a patient's tears wet and protect the eye's surface.

Dry Eye Treatment Overview

There are a variety of dry eye treatments available to provide relief from dry eye.

Dry Eye Testing – Introduction

Testing for Dry Eye is performed after evaluating a patient's symptoms and medical history.