Ptosis is  a drooping of the upper eyelid that can be present in both children and adults.  Sometimes ptosis can be subtle or the  lid can extend over the pupil. If the lid drops to the level of the pupil the amount of light coming into the eye affected and ultimately vision is reduced.  Patients may overcompensate by lifting their eyebrows to try to lift their lids.

Ptosis can:

  • Congenital
  • After trauma
  • Result of cataract surgery
  • Occur later in life

Tumors of the eye or numerous systemic diseases can also cause ptosis. The levator muscles, the muscles that lift the eyelid, are usually the ones affected.

The common treatment for ptosis is blepharoplasty. The levator muscle is tightened which will improve appearance and/or vision for the patient.

Dr. Gil Epstein, the ocular plastic surgeon at the Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute, is well accomplished in these procedures with many satisfied patients.