Toric lens implants are specially designed advanced technology lens implants that correct your astigmatism, if present, in addition to replacing your cataract. Astigmatism is an irregular shape of the cornea which is pre–existing and unrelated to the cataract. A person who has both cataracts and astigmatism will not regain high–quality uncorrected vision unless the astigmatism is also addressed. Alternatively, you can elect to have your astigmatism corrected in your glasses, but your vision with your naked eye will not be as clear without the Toric lens.

Toric Lens ImplantOnce the Toric lens is chosen then you need to decide on one of the following:

  1. both eyes set for distance
  2. both eyes set for near
  3. monovision, in which one eye is set for distance and one eye is set for mid–range or near

You might still need to wear glasses after surgery for distance, near, or both. There is an additional charge because this premium upgraded lens implant is not covered by Medicare or medical insurance.

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