At Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute we specialize in vision correction surgery, refractive surgery, corrective eye surgery, and many other specialties related to comprehensive eye care.  Your vision is commonly corrected with eyeglasses and contact lenses. But for those who prefer an alternative to corrective eye wear, a number of advanced surgical procedures are available and offer a more permanent option.

Refractive Surgery

Our team of highly trained and experienced eye surgeons, ophthalmologists, and medical specialists have performed thousands of refractive surgery procedures and surgical corrections including Lasik, Advanced Surface Ablation, Conductive Keratoplasty, Radial Keratotomy, and Clear Lensectomy using the most advanced femtolaser technology.

Drs. Skolnick and Fernandez de Castro, along with their staff, do a thorough evaluation to determine which refractive procedure is best for you as not everyone is a Lasik candidate. Drs. Skolnick and Fernandez de Castro specialize in Clear Lensectomy surgery which replaces the natural lens of your eye with an artificial advanced technology lens implant. They no longer perform Lasik surgery so if it is determined that Lasik is the ideal procedure for you they will refer you to a trusted Lasik surgeon who will perform the actual procedure and then they will personally take care of you postoperatively.

The first step is scheduling a free consultation with one of our eye surgeons.

Advanced Vision Correction Surgery Procedures

Refractive surgery and vision correction surgery procedures available:

  • LASIK, a procedure that uses laser energy to reshape the eye. Learn more
  • Advanced Surface Ablation, a procedure to remove tissue from the eye’s surface to change the shape of the cornea. Learn more
  • Clear Lens Extraction, a procedure used to replace the eye’s natural lens with an artificial one to achieve sharper focus. Learn more

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